Vitamin A

GTZ Project Timișoara


Technical assistance for the execution works + technical consultancy reports + assessment of technical projects and cost calculations for the German-Romanian cooperation program for the revitalization and rehabilitation of the historical quarters from Timișoara. Technical Assistance for the supervision of the rehabilitation works and assessment of the construction status reports for the demonstration projects Unirii Place No. 9 and 11, George Coşbuc Street No.1, Timotei Cipariu No. 1.
Co-participation at the elaboration of the integrated measures plan for the careful rehabilitation and economical revitalization of the historical quarters from Timişoara.

Status finalized
Client Proiectul GTZ Timișoara / Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit
Date 2006 - 2010

Project Coordinator: Urb. Jochen Gauly
Monitoring and assessment of the quality and of the construction reports Dipl. Ing. Thorsten Spohler


Dipl. Ing. Mihai Ordodi, construction supervisor, aknowledged by the Ministry for Culture and Cults